Day ... erm, 14?

It's been quiet here... too quiet. But I have been busy and made good progress. At least I think that I did!

Ok, what have I done till the last entry... everything has been undercoated black and all parts expect the crypt buildings got the stone parts painted in a grey midtone. After a few tryouts I am now satisfied with the palette and hope this will speed up painting the rest .

But one thing horrifies me already, painting all the skulls which are really uncountable on all the different parts.

But now a quick WIP-picture with my mobile. Better ones when I'm done with those nasty skulls...


Marty McFly said...

Die vielen Schädel lassen nicht nur die Besucher der Gruft gruseln, sondern auch den Todesmeister selbst ;-)

Anonymous said...

mmm. die Ziellinie rückt näher. Ich bin gespannt.