What is Operation Squad?

Glad you asked... something that got me back in painting my WW2 project again. After the Bull from my last post is now complete, he still needs a nice base. I already did a test but I am not sure if I will stick to it. So I put it aside for a while to work on something different and come back later with some fresh new ideas.

A few months ago I bought the Operation Squad rules. A ruleset I do really like and always wanted to give a try. A few weeks ago Warlord Games released the first expansion which covers all kind of vehicles. This got me back in setting up a small squad for some tryouts which do need some work and paint. On top of this Warlord announced a new Ruleset for 28mm WW2 gaming they will publish in a cooperation with Osprey.
Something that will get me wild surely.

So... what is next on my schedule? I currently work on some American Infantry.

Mostly American Infantry from Artizan but I couldn't find a nice medic. So.... I had to come up with a small conversion. The mini you can see on the right is a Offensive Miniatures American Paratrooper medic with legs from an Artizan American Infantry model. I think it will be the next I will work on when the BAR und the MG assistant are done. Hope you like them!
Any comments or criticism from you?