Rolljordan Horned Frogs

I have these guys for quite a while now and as I mentioned earlier, I first saw them in Lauphing Ferrets Blog. By now, most of the ones I bought back then are painted. But I don't know why, somehow I missed the Indiegogo Campaign Rolljordan put up a while a ago.

Lots of cool stuff for the Slann I MUST get my hands on. So hope to show you some of the new Starplayer, Apo or Positions here soon.

But here are some pictures of what I have painted so far






I hope you like them!


Time flies when you're having fun

Quite some time till the last post. What did happen... quite a lot. Painted some stuff I will post in the next weeks and I am back in playing Blood Bowl in full swing.

I played the Dungeonbowl here in Germany last weekend which was an absolute blast for me. Got me and a friend into playing on a regular base again, so expect some pictures of my Slann and perhaps a new team quite soon.

Here is a quick shot with my mobile from our match last night.