And Now for Something Completely Different - Day 1

It has been quiet here for quite a long time. Any excuses what took me so long? Hmm, I spent some time on the hobby and did paint a bit... but not as much as I liked to.

But a few days ago I finally met up with some friends for a game. And as we looked over the upcoming Miniature releases I stumbled over the New Garden of Morr from Games Workshop. This really looked ace in the pictures and I muttered to myself that I would really like to paint  this one. A friend hearing my mumbling said that I would not make it ... as always. I looked at him and answered "It'll be done in a month, deal?"

So keep the story short, I got myself quite a challenging bet and a good chance to keep new posts coming here on the blog. The content of the box must be painted till the 8th September and the finished results must be postet here as a prove that everything is done in time.

I post my progress as I will tackle myself through this box. So here we go:

Day 1
Started unboxing the sprues and I'm surely getting crazy painting that many small skulls. Note to myself, better check the pictures for those fiddly details in the picture next time. But I build the first 7 parts of the box. Three crypt-like buildings and two fences to go and everything will be done. Not that satisfied with the look of the
bases. I think I will put some sand on these and tomorrow it is time for the undercoat. As my girlfriends birthday is tomorrow I will not have the chance to get alot of things done. So some quick pictures when I'm done building tonight.

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Marty McFly said...

Remember, remember the eights of September ...

The painting, pizza and bet.

I know of no reason why the painting bet should ever be forgot.