Rolljordan Horned Frogs

I have these guys for quite a while now and as I mentioned earlier, I first saw them in Lauphing Ferrets Blog. By now, most of the ones I bought back then are painted. But I don't know why, somehow I missed the Indiegogo Campaign Rolljordan put up a while a ago.

Lots of cool stuff for the Slann I MUST get my hands on. So hope to show you some of the new Starplayer, Apo or Positions here soon.

But here are some pictures of what I have painted so far






I hope you like them!


Time flies when you're having fun

Quite some time till the last post. What did happen... quite a lot. Painted some stuff I will post in the next weeks and I am back in playing Blood Bowl in full swing.

I played the Dungeonbowl here in Germany last weekend which was an absolute blast for me. Got me and a friend into playing on a regular base again, so expect some pictures of my Slann and perhaps a new team quite soon.

Here is a quick shot with my mobile from our match last night.


Greyhound WIP

Got some more work done on two Greyhounds. Most of the basic paintjob is done by now so looking forward to chipping, dirtying it all up and adding pigments! ;-)


Yesterday I took a quick photo of the minis I have ready for WW2 gaming. I really need to get some vehicles painted!


Alive and painting

Just a short WIP shot to let you know that I'm not just lurking. When everything works as planned I will have a game of Operation Squad later this week. I'll try to come up with a report.

So next post is on the way... ;-)


Blood Bowl... unplugged!

To make a long story short, I know that I have not posted here for far too long. But real life can sometimes be not that nice when it comes to the hobby. But I'm getting back and *gasp* even to playing.

Let me introduce you to the Chupayotl Croakers, my new Slann Blood Bowl Team I started our Blood Bowl league with a few weeks ago.

I first saw the miniatures on Laughing Ferrets Blog and really loved what he did to these (if you do not know this Blog it's really worth taking a look!). So these are my version, not completely done but I think I am on a good way.

And something new is already waiting for me! ;-)

So I do hope to come up with more painted Slann in a few days!


Willy got a jeep

After a short break painting up someting else (the dwarf I took a picture of a while ago) I got back to the American Infantry full swing. Did not get much done on the dwarf, so nothing really worth showing...

But after tyding up my workspace...

I started cleaning up the first verhicle. May I introduce you to Willy's jeep...

Really like the Jeep and it comes together quite nicely. Hopefully will have something with a bit more paint to show you quite soon...