Listen to me, you whore-gutted, pock-marked, motherless scum... I need a favor.

Strange headline for a blog? Right... but some of you might identify it as a quote from Vasco Rodrigues in the TV-Mini Series Shogun from the 80s. But where will this take us? ... I started a new project.

I've been toying with the idea of medieval Japan for quite a long time. It got me hooked from the time I first saw the Perrys Miniature Line some years ago.

A few weeks ago a friend told me about an article in Wargames Illustrated, where Aaron Loomis worked on the Legend-Ruleset from Warhammer Historical and adapted it for the Feudal Japan background. It was published under Legends of the Rising Sun and is really worth having a look in my opinion.

This rules pushed me over the edge and as I read that there will be a possibility to get the required miniatures on the Tactica I made this a new project for this year.

So what am I up to next? After some Osprey Research and watching the Shogun-DVD (I just had to buy it) I will get the blisters next weekend. I already put up a small Samurai warband for 100 pts. So expect some WIP shots at the start of next week!