What is coming up in 2011

A lot of people start talking about, what they plan for the new year. What projects they are going to work on and what new things they are up with. Seems not such a bad idea for myself.

So what am I interested in this year? First I will work on my Bolsheviks for the Russian Civil War. I like to give the Triumph & Tragedy rules a try and will build up a starting force with the Copplestone Miniatures I already own. First pics will be in the next post I think...

The other project is my WW2 force. I already started some tests for an American Infantry last year. Not sure if I will stick to Rules of Engagement oder Disposable Heroes here. Found some guys over at the Sweetwater forum and think that this is the push I need to get something done. Will use mostly Artizan and Bolt Action for the Infantry and Tamiya and Bolt Action for the Vehicles.

Last thing is a British fleet for Trafalgar. Already got the ships and I think I will spend some time on these when I need a break from the 28mm.

But we will see at the end of the year what progress we all archived, right?

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